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How to use

How to use

What should be considered when using Bel Raphael?

Would you like to know how you can carry out the one-step care cleaning or how you can mix the Bel Raphael Clay Mask individually?
In our videos we explain step by step how to run the respective rituals and how to escape the everyday stress in a relaxed way.

Oil cleansing

2 in 1 clean & care?

Use the oil according to the oil cleansing method and treat yourself.




Jade roller

Would you like a massage?

Then take the Bel Raphael Jade Roller and give your skin a pleasant, decongestant massage. Tip: Store your Jade Roller in the freezer! That gives you the EXTRA kick.




Clay mask

Would you like a mask?

Then mix Bel Raphael Clay Mask (suitable for all skin types) with your favorite oil and / or with a water of your choice (Rose water, etc.)




Gua Sha

Do you fancy a lymphatic drainage and mini treatment?

With the Gua Sha from Bel Raphael you can permanently improve your skin and scrape away the excess fluids. There is no more natural way to tighten your contours.





Do you fancy a gentle peeling?

Use our 100% natural konjac sponge and remove dead skin and dirt.


Make up

Your make-up slips during the day?

Our oils are perfect as a make-up and foundation base.

So your Make Up stays where it belongs.

Extra boost

Does your skin need an extra boost?

Get your unique GLOW and boost your favorite products with a few drops of your Bel Raphael oil.