About Us

About Us

I am happy that you have found us and I would like to tell you about my motivation for making my products to introduce.

My name is Melania and I was born in the beautiful city of Naples, where I lived until 1998. Today I live with my family in Weitersburg, where I am currently training as a naturopath.


Photo by Alexandra Gorn


I have suffered from seborrhea (disruption of the hormonal balance) since puberty, which is an overproduction of sebum in the glands. After every mask, cleaning or any other kind of care my skin reacted with boils of the size of 1 euro coins. These remained on the skin for at least more than three weeks until they healed. They also left unsightly scars. 

I was so embarrassed that I always had my hair on my face or put my hand over my face so that nobody could see the my issues. In school there were phases in which I did not want to attend classes, but after pregnancy everything got even worse.

When I couldn't handle anymore, I went to the doctor and only there I hear the term seborrhea. The pharmacy at this time mixed for me a cleaner, toner and cream against the outbreaks. The products consisted of salicylic acid, parabens and silicones, which were supposed to close the pores. After using the products, a very uncomfortable and painful feeling remained everytime. 

I researched and gradually ordered products with a similar structure, until I even suffered from neurodermatitis as a result. The conclusion: the Products didn't work and were just too aggressive. And the first idea was born: 


"Free yourself!" Free yourself from too many products and questionable ingredients


I ordered lexicons about cosmetic raw materials, did a lot of research and mixed the first oils and was my own test person. Now I look back on 2.5 years and have developed an oil that has changed my life sustainably and positively. My acne has decreased uo to 90% and i have rarely breaks out. Yes, I finally have normal skin! 

The thought of how many people suffer from similar skin problems occurred to me to create my own skincare. I questioned myself: Can I help these people with my oil so that they can leave the enormous stress behind them? After all, I had a product that cleansed my skin absolutely reliably, was able to supply my skin with important nutrients at the same time and is ultimately free from parabens, alcohol and silicone. Driven by the desire that all affected women, men or teenagers can feel normal and good again, I proudly look back. 

I am happy to be able to introduce and offer you the Bel Raphael product range together with my team. We hope that you will be inspired and convinced by the valuable ingredients and the indescribable effect of our natural wonder. Free yourself from too many products, questionable ingredients and long care routines and enjoy the real beauties of life self-confidently and mindfully.