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Kiss | Lip Oil

Kiss | Lip Oil

Bel Raphael Kiss is a super smart lip oil that takes care of your sensitive lip skin and gives it back moisture and nutrients.

The protective oil with its delicate and pleasant texture is rich in avocado, almond and jojoba oil, cares for the sensitive lip skin and supplies it with nutrients. Jojoba oil also protects your lips from sun exposure.

After application, your lips look noticeably fuller. This boost effect is completely natural and can be traced back to the specially formulated active ingredient complex. Avocado oil also stimulates the body's own production of collagen and lets your lips shine with a new glow.

The vitamin E contained in the oil and the many minerals and fatty acids ensure that the moisture balance of your lips is restored and small cracks heal faster.


  • Almond (organic)
  • Avocado (organic)
  • Jojoba (organic)
  • Ricinus (organic)
  • Vanilla

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