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Clear Smooth | Oily combination skin

Clear Smooth | Oily combination skin

Active ingredients

The thistle oil contained in the formula is perfect for oily skin conditions. No film, does not grease, matt and penetrates quickly. Bel Raphael clear smooth also contains argan oil, whose skin-rejuvenating properties have been proven. In addition, it supports every single oil in its effect. The combination of currant seed and evening primrose oil, in a selected recipe, forms a perfect barrier on the skin and stabilizes and smooths it in the long term thanks to its collagen-promoting properties. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, currant seed oil protects against other impurities.

Clear Smooth

Bel Raphael clear smooth cleanses and mattifies oily combination skin. Bel Raphael reduces fat production because it rebalances the pH of your skin and locks in moisture. Thanks to the special selection of raw materials you can use Bel Raphael in many different ways. On our application page you will find the various options how and where you can use Bel Raphael. Our particularly dark light-protection bottles preserve the bio-energy of the oils and thus increase the effectiveness of the individual ingredients.


  • Argan (organic)
  • Thistle (organic)
  • Castor (organic)
  • Jojoba (organic)
  • Black currant (organic)
  • Wild rose (organic)
  • Coriander
  • Jasmine
  • Cedar


Bel Raphael cleanses and nourishes the skin at the same time and closes scars and pores. Some of the oil remains in the depressions and thus signals your skin that it has sufficient sebum. The oil directly regulates the skin functions and that in a completely natural way. Even the smallest bumps are smoothed out. By supporting the natural 28 day cycle of your skin Bel Raphael clear smooth impresses with the creation of suppleness, luminosity and an indescribable feeling of well-being.

The valuable oil contributes to the regeneration of your skin and thanks to its high collagen content it tightens wrinkles that have already formed. It was specially developed to cleanse and care for your skin, but without disrupting its natural functions. Cell-renewing properties give your skin a radiant, fresh and even appearance. Bel Raphael clear smooth has been specially developed to cleanse your skin and care for it without disrupting its natural functions. Its unique formulation regulates the functions of your skin and closes the pores already after the first application. Cell-renewing properties give your skin a radiant, fresh and even appearance. 

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Size 30ml

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