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Pure | normal skin

Pure | normal skin

Active ingredients

The almond oil contained in the formula offers sensitive skin conditions mild care and brings the skin back into balance.

Bel Raphael pure contains jojoba oil, whose moisturizing properties have been proven. In addition, it has a stabilizing effect against oxidative processes (blackheads, skin blemishes).

The castor oil penetrates deep into the pores and forms a protective film against harmful substances. The vitamin E contained in the oil protects the skin cells and thus prevents premature skin aging.

Selected linoleic acids protect the cell membranes and support cell renewal and regenerative processes in the skin.

The combination of wild rose and evening primrose oil forms a perfect barrier in a selected recipe, which stabilizes and smooths the skin in the long term through collagen-promoting properties. It also noticeably brightens pigment spots.



Bel Raphael pure has been proven to cleanse your skin from the inside and penetrate deeply into it. Bel Raphael clears the pores and supports their regeneration in a natural way. It hydrates and thus maintains the balance of the PH value and supports the regeneration of the skin. The oil pulls all impurities out of the pores and covers it like a light film. The raw materials selected mean that you can use Bel Raphael in many different ways. On our Application page you will find the different possibilities how and where you can use Bel Raphael. Thanks to our particularly dark, light-protected bottle, it is possible for us to preserve the bio-energy of the oils and thus to increase the effectiveness of the individual ingredients.



  • Argan (organic)
  • Almond (organic)
  • Castor (organic)
  • Jojoba (organic)
  • Evening primrose (organic)
  • Wild rose (organic)
  • Coriander
  • Jasmine
  • Cedar


Bel Raphael pure simultaneously cleanses and nourishes the skin from the deepest layers of the skin and closes scars and pores. Even the smallest bumps are evened out and your delicate complexion is the result of this natural wonder. pure impresses with the creation of suppleness, luminosity and an indescribable feeling of well-being for your skin and supports the natural 28-day cycle. The valuable oil contributes to the regeneration and regeneration of your skin and, thanks to its high collagen content, tightens wrinkles that have already formed.

It was specially developed to cleanse and care for your skin without disturbing its natural functions. pure Its unique formulation regulates the functions of the skin and closes the pores after the first application. Cell-renewing properties give your skin a radiant, fresh and even appearance. 

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size 30ml

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