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SUN | Tanning Oil

SUN | Tanning Oil

For our sun worshipers we have put together a natural sun oil with walnut shell and carrot. It promotes a deep tan and at the same time has a preventive effect against sunburn. In addition, it is water-repellent and gives the skin a healthy color immediately after application.

It also extends the tan gained on vacation and gives light skin types an immediate, soft brown shimmer. The walnut shell oil helps to hold the keartine in the skin and supports your skin in keeping the tan longer.

The high proportion of vitamin E works against free radicals and environmental influences, while jojoba oil protects you with its naturally contained SPF 4. The sesame oil it contained also blocks up to 30% of UV rays.


We remind you that this oil only offers a small protection against sun rays and that you should expose yourself to direct solar radiation as little as possible.



  • Sesame (organic)
  • Jojoba (organic)
  • Carot 
  • Walnut 
  • Tiaré
Size 50ml

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