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The skin in corona stress, BYE BYE MASKNE (mask and acne)

Posted by Melania Währ on

While the mask requirement has long since become normal for many and successfully curbs the spread of SARS-CoV-2, our skin is put to a real stress test. She reacts stressed with pimples, redness or dry spots.

Especially now in winter, the heating air and the cold polar air make them even more sensitive. 

So that your skin gets through the Corona period well and cared for.


  • Use disposable masks only once if possible
  •  FFP2 and FFP3 masks offer a perfect breeding ground for bacteria due to the long wearing time (e.g. for medical staff) and the high humidity. My advice: Let it dry again and again and have an exchange mask ready.
  • Carry out daily facial cleansing with mild products. No alcohol, no perfume and no preservatives!

The Bel Raphael Cleaning oil with at least 5 valuable vegetable oils, cleanses particularly gently, does not dry out the skin and does not clog the pores. According to the principle that like dissolves in like.

  • don't forget to use a moisturizer / serum.

Especially now in winter, your skin needs rich care more than ever. Heating air is nice and cozy, but your skin suffers.


Have fun with the tips and remember:

Mindfulness is nothing more than loving affection.

To you, your environment and nature.

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