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What is the oil cleaning method?

Posted by Melania Währ on

Cleansing the skin with oil is not just a trending topic, it is the key to clean, balanced and healthy skin. Various skin problems can be greatly improved by the oil cleansing method. Since we are so convinced of this cleaning method (OCM), we would like to give you a few helpful tips here.
Whether sensitive, dry, oily or acne-prone skin, cleaning using the oil cleaning method is suitable for all skin conditions.

Here are a few tips

ATTENTION! Wrong composition
You can find thousands of recipes online to mix your own oil, but be careful: an incorrect formulation and / or unsuitable ingredients could put a strain on your skin!
That is why Bel Raphael has made it its business to develop a suitable oil cleanser for every skin type through research and experiments.

Massage the oil in for at least 5 minutes (or longer!).
Because it is precisely then that the oil unfolds its magical abilities and nourishes the skin with powerful plant nutrients.
Take the time for your mini SPA treatment @home and simply massage away your everyday stress.
This step is not only relaxing, but also promotes blood circulation in the skin and stimulates the cleansing process.

ALWAYS use a clean towel
Washcloths and towels are real bacteria magnets.
Always clean with a clean cloth.
To do this, soak the washcloth in warm water, the warm steam helps remove dirt, deposits and make-up and loosen them from the skin.
But beware! Do not use hot water as water that is too warm can lead to sensitive and dry skin.
Place the towel on your skin until it cools. The heat pulls into your pores and the oil pulls all impurities out of your skin.
Repeat this process a few times and gently pat off the excess oil.

Warning: do not scrub! That just irritates your skin unnecessarily!

Now the motto is: Don't give up before the GLOW
Your skin needs some time. Much like switching to other creams, switching your traditional cleaners to the oil cleansing method can take some time.
Give your skin the time it needs and don't give up, you will be convinced of your new complexion very quickly.
It can take up to 10 days for your skin to get used to the new method. But what are 10 days for YOUR ultimate GLOW ?!


Your skin will enjoy this cleansing, especially in winter. Because the oil remains on the skin as a care product and prevents it from losing moisture!

I would say 2 in 1 treatment :)


Have fun trying:)

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